Friday, June 16, 2017

Debunking Fitness Myths About Losing Weight

Greetings and Salutations FitFam, today were going to debunk a few fitness myths about losing weight.

•You do not have to stop eating carbs.
•You do not have to eat every two hours.(You're not a new born baby)
•Doing cardio on an empty stomach will just make you angry and it isn't better than doing it with food in your stomach.
•Eating sugar will not automatically make you gain weight.
•You don't have to eat based on your blood type or body type.
•You don't have to eat low carb or low fat.
•You do not have to "EAT CLEAN" ! (Eating moderately processed nutritious food is important for long term health but not fat loss)

I know some of you have been at this for awhile and you're probably frustrated because you have all the fitness mags, you follow all the shredded celebrities and you're doing everything they tell you but you still don't look the way they look. Don't get discouraged. Most of what they are telling you is just there personal preference or they are enhanced(drugs, plastic surgery etc.) It is the fitness industry jobs to sell you things and it is Hollywood job to sell you a dream. Fat loss isn't always easy but It's not rocket science either. In order to lose weight you need to put yourself in a calorie deficit. This means you need to consume less calories than what your body burns. You can do this with food or by exercise. The most efficient way to do this is by using both methods along with flexible dieting.(That flexible dieting part isn't science, it's just my opinion if you don't want to drive yourself crazy just eating chicken and broccoli.) You can eat clean all day but if you're not in a calorie deficit you won't lose weight. You wouldn't attempt to build a house by randomly adding material without having a plan right? So why would you attempt to build your ideal body by just winging it? Save yourself some time and frustration and google macro calculator and find out how many calories you need a day. Then make a plan and crush your goals. Remember that the number one factor in weight loss is a steady calorie deficit and if you want to keep your hard earned muscle and not look like a crackhead do this slowly. Aim to lose maybe a pound a week.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Words Dad And Mom Are Not Meant To Be Opposites

Like most men when I was blessed with a family I went directly into provide and protect mode. My attention was solely on finding problems and fixing them. I got caught up in being just the provider,just the protector and I left all the nurturing up to my kids mother. Society has taught us that men and women have to stay in these gender role boxes but it doesn't have to be this way. Now a days both parents are working, or the children are being raised in two households. This means that the parenting duties need to be split somewhat equally or the children will be missing something.

It took me awhile to learn to directly focus on my kids. Even now I still have to work at just being daddy. I’m still working on listening to my kids and talking to them. It is harder for most men then you would think ladies to be an active participant in raising children. I’ve learned that I don’t really have to say a lot to my girls to be nurturing. I just have to be near them and they’ll do most of the talking. Guys you’ll be surprised how easy it is to bond with your kids just by asking them to help you with simple task, like handing you a towel to dry off a dish or throwing your scrap piece of paper away while you’re creating a workout or working. To your kids you are SuperMan, even if you’re really Clark Kent lol and they want to be your side-kick. My girls love helping me with things. Just the other day I was practicing MMA and they jumped up to join in. You might not ever be as good as mommy but that doesn’t mean you can’t be involved and have a meaningful relationship with your children. Women go to play dates with kids all the time and they automatically form these packs with other moms. You can do the same thing but with the dads. Remember Birds of a feather flock together. Seek out other dads to be friends with and spending time with your children will become more fluently.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Chill Out

We create our own stress. Exchange your expectations with appreciation and enjoy life's little moments. Don't spend too much time stressing over things that you have no control over. When something doesn't go as you expected it go take 90 seconds to freak out, then let it go.

Problems are easier to solve when you're not in a stressed out state. You may think you do better in a stressed state but that's just a lie that you talked yourself into believing. Why do you think football players,basketball players etc.. talk smack to the opposing players? They do it to stress the opposing players out to the point that they are off their game. When you are calm you see things more clearly.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Keys to Muscle Growth

When it comes to muscle growth don't waste your money on supplements until you have your training and nutrition together. Supplementation needs to be last,waaaaaay last. Most products don't have any real science to back up what they say they will do for you anyway.  There are two things you need to focus on before you even think about purchasing a supplement. The first is PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD - It doesn't matter if you're doing 5x5/Pyramid or any of the other training style, if it provides progressive overload it will work. For continued muscle growth, the body must be forced to make new adaptations.
The second is nutrition. Your nutrition has to support your training. Getting enough calories and protein are key to gaining muscle. If you’re focusing on other details before these basic requirements are met, you’re wasting your time and causing unnecessary stress to yourself. Stress is not helpful in your quest for GAINS bruh.  

Monday, April 4, 2016

Don't Believe The Hype

Don't believe the hype when it comes to milk. Yes I know you've been told that you need it for strong bones but you really don't. Milk actually depletes the calcium from your bones. It acidifies the body pH (like all animal protein) which in turn triggers a biological correction in your body. Calcium is an excellent acid neutralizer and the biggest storage of calcium in the body is in the bones. So the very same calcium that our bones need to stay strong is utilized to neutralize the acidifying effect of milk. Once calcium is pulled out of the bones, it leaves the body via the urine, so that the surprising net result after this is an actual calcium deficit.

Many scientific studies contradict the conventional wisdom that milk and dairy consumption help reduce osteoporotic fractures. Surprisingly, studies demonstrating that milk and dairy products actually fail to protect bones from fractures outnumber studies that prove otherwise. Even drinking milk from a young age does not protect against future fracture risk but actually increases it. Shattering the “savings account” calcium theory, Cumming and Klineberg report their study findings as follows:
“Consumption of dairy products, particularly at age 20 years, was associated with an increased risk of hip fracture in old age. (“Case-Control Study of Risk Factors for Hip Fractures in the Elderly”. American Journal of Epidemiology. Vol. 139, No. 5, 1994).

Friday, March 18, 2016

Don't Eat The Bread Bruh

We have all been to restaurants where they give you bread or biscuits while you wait for your food. Some can resist but most of us can’t. I normally resist because I don’t want to get full before I eat my main course. Here is another reason why you should skip the bread or eat it with or after your meal if you want to stay healthy. Your body sees bread as sugar. The starches in the bread are broken down very fast in your digestive system. On an empty stomach this means you will absorb this sugar very quickly, which leads to a spike in blood sugar and a spike in insulin.


The significance of this was recently illustrated in a scientific study published in the Journal Diabetes Care. The researchers took a group of 11 individuals with Type 2 diabetes and had them consume a controlled meal on two separate days a week apart. The meal was the same both times but the order in which the contents of the meal were eaten was altered.


What they found was the average glucose levels were reduced by 28.6% at 30 minutes, 36.7% at 60 minutes, and 16.8% at 120 minutes after starting the meal with chicken and veggies compared with the bread and OJ. The overall “area under the curve” for glucose during the time period was 73% lower. Levels of insulin after the meal (60 minutes and 120 minutes) were also substantially lower.


This study was done in type 2 diabetics but I expect you would get close to the same results with everyone. Lower glucose levels and lower insulin levels should lead to greater appetite control, less fat deposition, and possibly greater insulin sensitivity.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

We Want Our Food Cheap And Fast, But At What Cost

The wheat of today is completely different from the wheat people ate back in the day. Around the late 19th century New techniques in grain processing made it possible to create massive amounts of refined wheat for a low cost.

We are now able to separate the nutritious components of the grain (the bran and germ) away from the endosperm, where most of the starchy carbs are contained. This new technology reduced the nutrient density of the wheat and gave refined wheat the ability to spike blood sugar very fast. We also used to prepare our grains differently. They were soaked, sprouted, fermented and bread was baked using slow rise yeast. Sprouting and fermenting grains leads to many beneficial effects. It increases the amino acid lysine, reduces anti-nutrients (like phytic acid and lectins), disables enzyme inhibitors and makes nutrients more accessible. Today, the flour is bleached and the bread is baked with quick rise yeast. No soaking, no sprouting, no fermentation. Back in the day, we used to consume different varieties of wheat like Emmer, Einkorn and Kamut. Not anymore. Almost all of the wheat eaten today is high-yield dwarf wheat, which was developed by cross-breeding and crude genetic manipulation around the year 1960. Dwarf wheat has shorter stems and a much greater yield. This basically means it’s cheaper than the older varieties and more economically feasible. The benefits of a high-yield crop are obvious, but we are now learning that there were some major downsides to this as well. Specifically, modern wheat has some subtle but important differences in its nutrient and protein composition. Modern wheat is not only less nutritious and dangerous to people with celiac disease(gluten intolerance) studies are also showing it’s harmful to healthy people as well.